Do you eat out of boredom?
Are you an emotional eater?
Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
Tired of the yo-yo diet train?

If you answered “yes”, I would be honored to journey with you through Choose Life Eating!


In this 40-day program, there are no meal plans that tell you what to eat, no points to count or special charts to follow. This is not a new diet or a fad. That is why it works! We are going to shift the focus from the food to ourselves. We are going to be the ones that change – from the inside out.

In Choose Life Eating, I will teach you how to make choose-life choices when you eat, find freedom from the grip of food, and take territory so that you can move forward in your life! 

If you diligently apply what you learn, you will discover a new you!

So, please take these 40 days seriously. It is only 40 days! 

Ready for freedom in your life?
Interested in having a healthy relationship with food?

This journey is about:

  • seeing food through a new lens

  • overcoming old habits, cycles and temptations with food

  • experiencing a new level of peace and joy, and lasting weight loss

This is a journey about changing your lens.

Weight loss, like any achievable goal, starts with what you believe. To make changes that last, we will be transforming our perspective at the core level. We will be examining a variety of scriptures in the Bible and apply them as a new lens for the way we approach food. By connecting with God and His Word each day and allowing it to change our thinking our relationship with food will change. We will see amazing results — both internally (think, process, and choose) and externally (words, actions, behavior, and body!).

This is a journey to overcome old habits and temptations with food.

Many of you have spent months and perhaps years on specific meal plans, counting calories and denying yourself the foods you love. Focusing on food gives it an unhealthy power in your heart and mind. By applying your new lens and the daily Bible scriptures, you will experience breakthroughs from the bondage of food-focused living, and have a healthy relationship with food.

This is a journey about abundant living.

By simply committing to the program for forty days, you will discover a new level of freedom, peace, and joy, as well as weight loss. You will no longer feel the vicious cycle of defeating thoughts and self-sabotaging habits. The result is truly living more abundantly!


1) 40 Days of Choose Life Eating videos.

Each morning you will receive a 3 minute video lesson delivered to you via text. 

The text will arrive approximately 7:00am.

2) unleash your hidden potential by using the Choose Life Eating Workbook.

This Workbook is designed to help you maximize your time and effort so that you achieve the greatest results during this journey.

(Allow 2-4 days for the Workbook to arrive.) 

Cost $99.00.