Want to maintain your health and stamina?

Concerned about making choose-life choices for you -- and your the 2nd month, as well as the 7th month?

Then, the PregoFIT Workouts are for you!

The PregoFIT Workouts are a month-by-month prenatal exercise series designed specifically for each month of pregnancy. There are eight videos for months 2 through 9. Kristen filmed each month of the PregoFIT Workouts while she herself was in that month of pregnancy. She did this so each woman following along would not feel alone in her pregnancy struggles. When it is your second month, it is her second month. When it is your third month, it is your third month.

The PregoFIT Workouts follow the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists for each stage of your pregnancy and are designed for any fitness level -- Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, by offering optional exercises as modifications each month. The PregoFIT Workouts provide healthy, safe, fun, and productive workouts that are perfect for baby and a mother’s ever-changing body!

Kristen won the “Entrepreneur Of The Year” award for the PregoFIT Workouts. The PregoFIT Workouts are customized workouts for each month of pregnancy. Kristen believes a healthy baby begins with Mom!